Family Matters

This week, we will revisit the sermon from Sunday and discuss, as a family, God’s covenant family roles.

READ: Ephesians 5:25-33 (The Covenant Role of Husbands)

The role of the husband mirrors the role of Christ and the church.

Husbands, discuss with your family your role as the leader and spiritual leader.  Explain that this role includes loving, protecting, and guiding your family as you follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Husbands play an important role in the family. We saw from Sunday‚Äôs sermon that Christ serves as prophet, priest, and king to the church. The husband fulfills those same roles in the family. Let‚Äôs look at each individually:

1. Prophet: The husband’s role is to remind his family of God’s word.

Husbands, now is a great time to explain the importance of gathering together as a family and studying God‚Äôs word. As you lead this time, express your desire to lead your family in this way.

2. Priest: The husband’s role is to intercede for his family in prayer.

Husbands, express the importance of praying together as a family. Lead you family in a time of prayer. Make a commitment to pray together with your family each day.

3. King: The husband’s role is to lead the family

Husbands, express your desire to lead your family both spiritually and otherwise.

Parents, discuss with your children the desire you have to teach them God‚Äôs word. Explain your desire to see them grow up to love the Lord

READ Ephesians 5:21-24 (The Covenant Role of Wives)

The covenant role of the wife is to submit to the leadership of the husband and tend to the garden that is the home.

In Genesis 1 and 2 we have the record of the creation of all things. God creates each day for 6 days and at the end of each day, God states that it is ‚Äúgood‚Äù. At the end of the sixth day, God looks at everything He created and said it is ‚Äúvery good‚Äù.

We usually think that everything is good until the serpent comes along and deceives Eve. However, this is not the first time things were not good. Genesis 2:18 states, ‚ÄúThe Lord God said, ‚ÄòIt is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.‚Äù

For what did he need a helper? We see in the previous verses that Adam‚Äôs job was to work and take care of the garden. God creates Eve as the perfect compliment and helper to Adam.

The Christian home can be compared to a garden with the wife as the caretaker.

Wives, express your desire to submit to your husband‚Äôs leadership in the home and to tend to the garden, your home. Wives, lead in prayer asking God to help you in this important role.

READ: Ephesians 6:1-3 (The Covenant Role of Children)

The covenant role of children is to obey their parents. This is another example of submission. Children honor their parents by obeying them.  If they don‚Äôt obey, they don‚Äôt honor their parents. Children, obey your parents ‚Äúin the Lord‚Äù. Your obedience is evidence that you know God.  Obedience is the key word in the relationship of children to parents

Children are to obey ‚Äúfor this is right‚Äù. Children owe obedience to their parents.

Parents, explain to your children that when they obey you, they are obeying God. Explain that if they love God and want to follow Him, this included obeying you as parents.

Children are to honor and obey their parents without complaining or arguing. Philippians 2:14 states ‚ÄúDo everything without complaining or arguing‚Äù. This certainly applies to children obeying and honoring their parents.

Parents, ask children to pray and ask God to help them be obedient and honor you as parents.

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