The following steps are how to register for an account at the Anchor Baptist Church website (

It is important to note that all registrations are manually verified and may take a day or two before being approved.  Registration is only open to members of Anchor Baptist Church to reduce the amount of spam and off topic posts.

To register, first go to the registration page at  You can also get to this page by clicking the link "Register" in the top right corner of every page.


The following fields are required for registration:

  • username
  • email address
  • password
  • confirm password
  • first name
  • last name
  • gender

The other fields are optional but you are encouraged to include them as it will help Anchor Baptist Church contact you.  Your contact information will never be displayed publicly and will only be visible to members of Anchor staff.

Step 1.)  The first step is to enter your username.  This is the name you will use to log in to the Anchor website and does not need to be your name.  Select something that will be easy for you to remember for your username.

Step 2.)  Next you must enter your email address.

Step 3.)  Next, enter a password.  You will see a password strength meter to the right and this will display how difficult it would for someone to "crack" your password.  Please do not enter passwords such as "password" or your username as these are the most easily defeated and could allow someone to hijack your account.

Step 4.)  Enter the same password again to ensure a typo wasn't made.

Step 5.)  Enter your first name.

Step 6.)  Enter your last name

Step 7.)  Select your gender.

Congratulations!  That is the minimum amount of information required to create an account at the Anchor Baptist Church website!

If you would like to not inlcude any of the optional fields skip down to the Captcha section below. 


Optional Fields

The following fields are not required to create an account at the Anchor Baptist Church website, however, we encourage you to include these fields and it will better allow Anchor Baptist Church to contact you.

Please note that your contact information will never be displayed publicly and can only be viewed by members of Anchor staff.

Preferred Name: Enter the name you preferred to be called here.  For example, if your name is Patricia but you prefer to be called Patty then put Patty in this field.

Phone number: Enter the number you would like Anchor Baptist Church to use to contact you if needed.

Street Address: Enter the street address you would like Anchor Baptist Church to use to contact you.

Newsletters: Select the email newsletters you would like to receive from Anchor Baptist Church.  You can add or remove selections at any time if you decide to change them.




A "Captcha" is a tool used by websites to help prevent the number of automated registrations from people that wish to spam our site or post information not relevant to Anchor Baptist Church.  The captcha field includes 2 sets of letters or numbers and these must be entered in the appropriate field to continue.

In the above example, the two sets of letters are repre and cfarms and these should be entered in the captch box like this:


The final step is to click the "Create new account" button.

Once your accound has been successfully created it will be sent to Anchor Baptist Church staff for verification.

After your account has been verified you will be notified at the email address you included and then you can log in to the church website!



If you have issues or questions about creating your account please email

Anchor Baptist Church
3601 Winthrop Drive
Lexington, Kentucky 40514


Worship Times

Sunday School - 9:00 am

Sunday Worship - 10:25 am

Convergence Worship - 6:00 pm

Wednesday Night - 6:30 pm